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  • Developer Plows Ahead with Texas Indoor Ski Resort
  • Cape Town Impounds 33 Uber Cars
  • Cellphones Do Not Give You Brain Cancer
  • Adding Leap Second Expected To Cause Internet Problems
  • Sony’s PlayStation Now Gets All-You-Can-Play Subscription
  • The Missing Part Of Brain’s Internal Compass
  • Milky Way Core Drives Wind at 2 Million MPH
  • 100% of Samsung’s Products Will Connect to Internet
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The year 2014 is about to come to an end but what a beginning for us Geeks. It’s literally a magical time we’re living in now. From remotely unlocking our front doors, to turning our lights and tvs on, to recording a dvd quality video, to checking our heart rates on the go and all the while video chatting with your significant other from across the world  with this exciting magical little device we still call a cell phone. As Geeks we understand the times, and how exciting this is. We are the intellectuals of the 21st Century! The pop culture craves to be like us but we still just want to Be Like Mike. Geek is the new Sexy but we’re not stopping till the Geek is the new President! At The Geek Review expect to always strive for more.

Our passion for learning and love for Technology knows no bounds. We are here to share that passion and love with the world. Our site will be treated like a center for knowledge, but of course with a few eye candies here and there… Cool Gadgets… Collectible Items… Crazy Geeky Projects… oh yeah and a few pretty ladies on almost every other page of the site. All in all we are here to serve you and your Geekdom the best we can. A one stop shop for all your Geek Needs. From giving out our 5 star, 3 panel Reviews of Gadgets & Games & Comics to the Latest News on Science & Future Techs & really, Everything Geek! Come enjoy the site and connect with your fellow Geeks, share and debate your ideas. For we are all Knowledge and We are THE Geek Review.

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